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Professional Restaurant Painting Services

When choosing a restaurant painting contractor, consider that a local painter has knowledge of the area. A commercial painter near you is familiar with local community styles and is in touch with painting trends for Victoria and area. As a local painter, we possess knowledge of the area’s unique architectural styles and weather conditions and also have established relationships with suppliers and vendors. This familiarity enables us to efficiently source materials and coordinate logistics, ultimately streamlining the painting process for your restaurant or eating space. Additionally, as a local painting contractor, we are accessible for ongoing communication and support, ensuring a smoother and more personalized experience for restaurant owners seeking painting services. We collaborate with you through the entire painting process.

Restaurant Painting Services:

  • Painting refresh of interior or exterior
  • Updating colour of restaurant interior or exterior
  • Complete restaurant renovation or makeover
  • Color consultation services to help restaurant owners choose the right color palette and finishes to reflect branding, create the desired ambiance, and appeal to customers.
  • Maintenance painting to preserve the appearance and condition of interior and exterior surfaces. 
  • Pressure washing to clean exterior surfaces such as walls, sidewalks, patios, and outdoor seating areas, removing dirt and grime.


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Unique Considerations for Restaurants in Victoria

With a competitive industry for eating establishments in Victoria, creating an atmosphere diners want to return to is important. The visual appeal of painting sets the tone for the ambiance in a space. 

Additionally, restaurants are high-traffic zones requiring painting that is durable and stands against Victoria’s humid weather. Paint in the kitchen and prep area will need to withstand high temperatures, grease, and steam. This will help maintain a clean and hygienic environment. 

We also provide cabinet painting for your kitchen and restaurant space. Together with our interior painting solutions, this will provide a sense of cohesiveness and unity to your dining or kitchen space.

We Provide customized food establishment painting solutions for restaurant owners in Victoria and the local community. Through consultation, we will align with your restaurant’s branding and design preferences. We work with you to create a clear plan so there is minimal disruption or downtime for your restaurant. Our team works quickly and proficiently from the preparation through to the finishing touches with high-quality craftsmanship.

Professional Painting Services Process

Surface Preparation

This includes scraping and sanding to remove old paint and smooth the surface, filling in cracks and holes, and repairing any damaged areas.

Color Consultation

An experienced color consultant will help you choose the best color scheme for your restaurant’s interior and/or exterior. They will take into consideration your restaurant branding, the surrounding environment and your personal preferences.


A coat of primer is applied to the surface to provide a smooth and even base for the paint. This helps to ensure that the final paint job looks uniform and has a professional finish.


Painting experts apply the final coat of paint using brushes, rollers, or sprayers, depending on the surface and the desired finish. This may include multiple coats, depending on the condition of the surface and the desired level of coverage.


As a professional interior painting company our team will clean up the area after the job is finished, including removing any paint drips or splatters, and disposing of any materials used in the painting process.


A painting expert will complete a final inspection of the painting job to ensure that the surface is properly painted, and is free of defects.

Why Choose Kings of Color Painting as Your Restaurant Painting Contractor?

Professional Team: Our skilled painters are dedicated to providing top-notch service and exceptional results.

Personalized Attention: We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure your project reflects your unique vision.

Quality Materials: We use only the finest paints and materials for a stunning, long-lasting finish.

Customer Satisfaction: Your happiness is our priority, and we’re always available to address your questions or concerns.

Ready to transform your restaurant, diner, pub, eatery, or other dining space into a place people love? We are a locally-owned painting company, connected to the community, offering accessible nearby painting services for commercial establishments in the Victoria area. Connect with Kings of Color Painting to discuss your restaurant project. Our commercial painting services team is readily available to provide a free estimate, answer your questions, or schedule a consultation. 

You can reach us by phone, email, or by using our website contact form. Don’t wait – let Kings of Color Painting enhance the beauty of your restaurant with a fresh coat of paint. Contact the top painting professionals in Victoria, BC today.

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