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Exterior Residential Paint Project in Victoria Case Study


Exterior painting for a home in Victoria with a colour scheme change.

Key Challenges

The colour scheme would undergo a significant change. The client wanted a clean and upgraded look for their home so that it would stand out, and provide continuity for a more cohesive look across their interior and exterior.

With the exterior layout, reaching some areas would be difficult and required a genie lift to access.


The property was prepared by power washing the exterior of the home to remove debris and dirt. All areas were patched and primed for painting.

Complete Exterior Repaint

The house originally had dark grey siding and white trim. Through colour consultation with the client and our team, it was determined that the new colour scheme would be a white exterior with black trim.

A mentioned, some areas of the house required that we use a genie lift to access them for painting. We were unable to use a ladder as it was just too high or difficult to reach.

Before Exterior Painting

house before exterior paint in Victoria, BC

After Exterior Painting

exterior house painting in Victoria, BC

Customer Experience and Testimonial

The client was very happy with the results and provided us with this testimonial:

“Grey/blue home with white trim is before, white home with black trim is after. Matt and Kyle were great to work with, they were very responsive and worked with us the best they could with timelines. They did a great job with the colour scheme change, the fresh paint job really elevated the look of our home and finally ties the rest of the house together. We appreciate everything Matt and Kyle did to transform our house to look brand new basically :). Great value for the money, we highly recommend!!”

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We were very happy with the results and our work here. The new colour combination really refreshes the look of the home and helps it to stand out. It has great curb appeal with a modern feel that suits the style and design of the home and is appropriate for the environment.

The exterior layout of the home and dramatic colour changes made this a challenge painting project. The client had been referred to us by another client we had worked with previously and who were pleased with the results we had provided to painting their home. We find it especially satisfying when clients refer us to their friends and family because they were happy with the work we completed.
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Why Use Kings of Color Painting?

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  • We pay attention to detail and focus on prep work to make sure the job is done right
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